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Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio Blaque Beauty became my passion. I mean just thinking about it, buying pallet after pallet to only use the same three to five colors time and time again. I wanted so much more so I learned to make my own eyeshadows and I figured out my application was pretty amazing! So, I said self and myself said, “what do you want?”, I said "let’s go into business!" and there Blaque Beauty was born.

A lot wonder why the name Blaque Beauty and how did it fit me. Well here is a little background…growing up I grew up in the great land of suburbia and where I didn’t fit in and my skin complexion was the butt of every single joke. It wasn’t until I became a mother at 18 yrs old that I learned to truly love myself and the best part of me is my blackness. My BLAckness is what made me so uniQUE!!! And from there a passion was born…Blaque Beauty.

Blaque Beauty is a premiere beauty line that includes customized eyeshadows, lashes, and more! Enjoy the site and welcome to the Blaque Beauty Experience.

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